Heart disease is the number one killer of all Americans. The fifth highest killer is by stroke. In America, someone dies from heart disease, stroke or another cardiovascular disease every 43 seconds. Even when the affected party lives they face the prospect of disability or decreased quality of life, and the family’s life is thrown into turmoil.

Since its origin in 1924, the American Heart Association has developed into the largest volunteer-backed organization committed to battling heart disease and stroke. Through the efforts of its more than 33 million volunteers and supporters, the American Heart Association seeks to improve the health of hearts, in America and worldwide, and lower the number of deaths from stroke and cardiovascular disease. Through its STEM goes Red initiative, the AHA is hoping to encourage young women into pursuing a career in STEM-related fields of study, realizing that the future of reaching their goal of ending heart disease and stroke, lies in young people today.

Thanks to generous donations from people, such as yourself, the American Heart Association has funded more heart disease research, and stroke research than any other organization, besides the federal government. Donations raised through Scentsy Con  will help fund the  purchase of Adult & Child Anytime CPR training kits for Idaho High School students. These kits will be distributed to student leaders, by the American Heart Association, at the Association of Idaho Cities Youth Track in June. These student leader’s will be tasked with training other students at their schools how to perform CPR. They will also be performing  public service projects with the kits, to train members of their communities, how to perform CPR.

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Brave and generous department leaders have agreed to appear in Superhero costumes, when their departments reach a specific  challenge level, in donations to the AHA.

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